Personal Accident insurance is one of the many types of motorsport cover that we offer at Grove & Dean Motorsport. Whether you’re in need of Personal Accident cover for yourself as an individual or you require it as part of a group, we can cover you, ensuring that you and/or your race team are correctly and securely protected with the right motorsport policy in case an accident arises. Should an accident were to happen and you do need to make a claim, the insurers in house Claims will be on hand to run through all the details with you, quickly and efficiently. If you feel like you may need Personal Accident Insurance cover for either you or your motorsport team, simply give us a call on +44 (0)1708 606768 to speak to one of our knowledgeable team members directly.

What are the benefits of Personal Accident Insurance?

  • Accidental death & disablement
  • Permanent total disablement
  • Emergency assistance
  • Medical, rescue and repatriation expenses
  • Lost money and travel documents
  • Personal accident and travel cover
  • Track Day / Test Day cover
  • Race / On Track cover
  • Storage & Transit cover
  • Discounts for multi-event and annual policies*


What is Personal Accident Cover?

Personal accident cover in layman terms helps to protect you as an individual whilst on/off the track from potential accidents that can arise. Accidents can happen at any time and having a personal accident policy in place to cover you should a temporary or permanent accident happen, can only help to protect and secure you within the motorsport industry. Personal accident cover can also help to not only protect you as an individual, but your team members also should you be a part of a race team group. If an accident occurs to a member of your team or you personally, your personal accident policy will cover you. Whether you and/or your team are professional or non-professional motorsporters, it doesn’t matter, you can still take out a personal accident policy with us here at Grove & Dean Motorsport. Having a personal accident policy securely in place can only help to benefit you both on and off the track. As mentioned above, there are several benefits to the policy, helping to protect you from circumstances such as, Emergency assistance, Accident death & disablement, permanent total disablement, medical, rescue and repatriation expenses. Like most personal accident policies our policies generally pay out lump sum when the policy terms are satisfied in a valid claim – if, for example, someone suffers injury as a result of an accident or unforeseen event. Policies usually make clear that the insured person is not covered if the claim is caused by “sickness, disease or any naturally occurring condition or process”. Generally speaking, personal accident insurance policies cover the following as standard: death, permanent total disablement and loss of, or loss of use of, a certain body part (such as an arm or leg). Some policies also provide cover for permanent partial disablement, temporary total disablement and/or temporary partial disablement. But it’s worth noting that personal accident policies only offer protection against accidental death and bodily injury. They don’t cover the insured against sickness or disability, which are often covered by other types of insurance cover. If your racing programme takes you outside of the UK (and the care of the NHS) then having cover for Medical Expenses and Repatriation is an important consideration. In the event of being taken to Hospital abroad then the Policy will cover any medical bills and pay for your transportation back to a Hospital (or your home) in the UK. Levels of insurance benefit, definitions of key personal injury insurance terms and areas of cover and exclusions always vary from policy to policy so it’s important to ascertain what sort of cover you are looking for before taking out this or any other insurance policy. Please ask us for full details and always check the wording of your policy to make sure the information is correct and that the cover provided is suitable for your needs. Obviously, of you have any questions or queries about your insurance cover give us a ring and we’ll be happy to help and advise you regarding all aspects of your insurance. Our insurance experts are always on hand to help and to ensure you have the policy you need at a fair price. When it comes to insurance, you need to make sure you’ve got the right cover and Grove & Dean offer a great marriage of experience and choice to all our customers whatever their insurance needs.

How do I know if I should have Personal Accident cover in place?

Having a personal accident policy in place is not a legal requirement, but it one that could help to secure and protect you, giving you peace of mind that you’re covered should a minor or major accident happen whilst on/off the track. Here at Grove & Dean Motorsport, we make our clients safety top priority. Our expert team members ensure that each type of motorsport cover, including personal accident, is personally tailored to you, so that you are at your safest when racing. Alongside personal accident cover, we also offer several other types of motorsport cover here and Grove & Dean Motorsport. Cover such as Track/Test Day, Storage and Transit and Race/ On Track, are all other types of cover that are deemed essential for those in the motorsport industry. If you feel that you may need another type of motorsport insurance cover or want to know what a specific type of cover includes, give one of our team members a call on 01708 606 768 where they’d be happy to help.

How do I take out a Personal Accident policy?

Taking out a personal accident policy with us here at Grove & Dean Motorsport is quick and simple, taking no time at all. We’ll ensure that all of the details left on your policy help to protect you as securely as possible so that you feel safe when on the circuit/track as we know how important this type of cover is. To take out a personal accident policy, simply call one of our specialist team members on 01708 606 768, we’ll run through all of the details and search the market for the best quote, so that you don’t have to.